Weekend at Rough Creek Lodge

Last weekend my husband and I decided to take an impromptu “Stay-Cation” in Glen Rose at Rough Creek Lodge.  This is a hunter’s paradise, so to speak, and with neither my husband nor I avid hunters, we still found plenty to do and explore on this 11,000 acre ranch just a little over an hour from the metroplex.

Rough Creek Lodge offers a variety of activities such as a driving range, fishing, horseback riding, paintball, ATVing, a spa (hooray!), zip lining and ropes course, and a fine dining restaurant.  You can check out all of the activities offered here.

An all-inclusive resort; it is meant for guests to stay and play for the weekend.  The perfect set up for a family where dad and maybe kids want to hunt and mom and wants to enjoy the spa then after hunting the whole family can enjoy the grounds together.  I love that they offer a kids club every evening during dinner so that parents can enjoy their 3 course dinner while children are entertained.

To me, this is a 4-star resort, rooms are nice, but weren’t a WOW factor by any means.  I love that they offer so many different bedding configurations to sleep everyone comfortably.  And although this is the perfect stay-cation from DFW, they do not allow pets in the main lodge, which I found a bit odd.  Because of this, we rented a small cabin about a half a mile from the main lodge.  Cabins were fine for the night and fun if you want some outdoor space and privacy, but the rooms in the main lodge are roughly the same price and better appointed.

For just a little extra, I would recommend bringing a friend (or a few) and renting the George W. Bush Presidential Suite.  On the night we arrived, the price difference between a standard room ($653/night including meals and activities for 2 adults and 1 child) and the Presidential Suite was only about $400 ($1,089/night including meals and activities for 2 adults and 1 child).  Children under the age of 15 stay for free.  Over 15 are priced at the adult rate of $130 per night.

Have you visited Rough Creek Lodge before?


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