Hong Kong Touring

Hong Kong was my most favorite city we visited in China.  We spent the most time here of all of the spots during our two and a half week trip.

On the first day we took a private city tour and saw Victoria Peak, rode the mid level escalators, drove around the harbor a bit to ride a Sampan Boat and see the fishing villages, had the most amazing lunch at a local Dim Sum restaurant, and finished the day at Stanley Market.  Loved the Sampan Boat ride and by having the best private tour and guide, we had a private boat as well (which was the best!).

The next couple of days were filled with more Dim Sum, Ocean Park (the Panda’s were a must see!), and Disneyland Hong Kong.  As a Disney Travel Specialist, I completely believe in the power and have drank the “kool-aid” so to speak on Disney VIP Tours.  They are worth it, especially when you are traveling abroad and have a limited time to see that country, let alone time to spend at Disney.  Pay the extra for the VIP tour and everyone will be so much happier.  At Disneyland Hong Kong, they are especially reasonable in price (Approximately $700 USD) and only last for 3 hours.  In that 3 hours, we were able to ride almost everything we wanted, and our guide Crystal was amazing.  After our tour, we had lunch at the famous Crystal Lotus where they make Dim Sum in the shape of Disney Characters.  Loved the creativity, but it wasn’t the best Dim Sum in Hong Kong.

My favorite thing we did in the city was a street food tour of the Kowloon area.  Our guide took us to all of the best places (knowing that the restaurants/kiosks prepared the food safely is definitely a reason to hire a guide) and we had a blast.  We finished the evening at the Ozone Bar at the Ritz Carlton, the highest bar in the world.  The views were spectacular and it was definitely a “happening” spot that evening.


Have you been to Hong Kong?


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